Aptus Software - part of the Avitech Co group - is the official representative of Demand Solutions in Romania. The company has its main headquarters in Bucharest and a regional office in Cluj Napoca.

Currently Aptus is the only software company in Romania specialized in delivering end-to-end solutions for Supply Chain Management. Our team is a group of highly trained professionals who come from a wide range of IT and non-IT related backgrounds such as software development, consultancy, training, advertising, telecom, engineering and banking.

The unique combination of our team drives value by introducing diverse approaches and perspectives in order to coordinate with customers and actively support the projects, thereby supporting the growth of the organizations.

Having successful implementations in medium sized and large companies in Romania, Aptus Software has a very good reputation of delivering measurable results and a very good ROI for all its projects.

For all sales enquiries please refer to the contacts below:


Oszkar BARA

+40 740 931 295


Ihr Vertreter vor Ort

Ihr Vertreter vor Ort Oszkar Bara

Aptus Software
part of AVITECH 
1/II Pipera Boulevard
077190, Voluntari - Ilfov, Romania
+40 740 931 295


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