The vision of Demand Solutions Asia - Singapore is to develop partnerships between client organisations and our team of motivated professionals. To this end we will provide consultation, support and education to improve our clients' demand and supply chain management processes and assist them in achieving their corporate goals.

We will ensure that prospects and clients alike appreciate that our software systems and consulting services are an integrated mechanism that offers an opportunity to achieve improved customer service… reduced inventory… an effective return on investment… and hence a higher level of market competitiveness.

In every aspect of our business, as professionals we will provide our customers with exceptional service through:

  1. Help Desk Support to resolve problems effectively
  2. Seminar Programs and Newsletters to inform clients
  3. Pro-active consultation to achieve corporate goals
  4. Comprehensive Project Management
  5. Enhanced Functionality through regular product upgrades

Demand Solutions Asia will endeavour to create an environment for resourceful people to work and achieve their own self-fulfilment, whilst establishing a thorough knowledge of the integration of Supply Chain Concepts and Demand Solutions suite of software. To achieve this, we will build a team of loyal employees who display initiative, enthusiasm and most of all, people who can operate in an environment where their creative energies and opinions are encouraged. 



Provides Sales, Presales and Support Services into the following territories;

ASIA SOUTH - Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam

ASIA NORTH - Japan, South Korea, Greater China (Hong Kong, Taiwan, China).


Alternative Contact:

    Mr Tsunehisa Shoji - (Japan)
(+81) 3 3505 1043 


Take advantage of a ‘Custom Demonstration’ or a ‘Quick Pilot’ or a full ‘Proof of Concept’.

Custom Demonstration:

  • This activity consists of ½ day presentation at the Client’s site and 1-2 weeks prior preparation by the DSA consultant.
  • It will require data collated by the Client in a template supplied by DSA consultant.
  • It’s a prerequisite that the Client has a genuine project on the go prior to engaging this process.

Quick Pilot:

  • This activity consists of 2-3 days on site hands on work with the DS Applications.
  • After an initial orientation of the solutions being evaluated, the client will experience real hand-on with the product and using their own data.
  • It’s a prerequisite that the Client has a genuine project on the go prior to engaging this process.  This can be a chargeable effort.

Proof of Concept:

  • This activity consists of 5-6 days discovery and pre-implementation work.
  • Normally the client has already chosen the DS Products and wants to the final proof of the solutions working to requirements.
  • All of the consulting activities conducted in the POC are later fully incorporated into the Client’s implementation phase of the DS solutions.
  • It’s a prerequisite that the Client has a genuine project on the go prior to engaging this process.  This is a chargeable effort.

If you would like to take advantage of any of the above evaluation/discovery activities, please call your local representative listed above.

Ihr Vertreter vor Ort

Ihr Vertreter vor Ort Harry Yu, Principal Consultant, Demand Management Asia Pte Ltd

27 Mount Faber Road, 
#01-14 Mount Faber Lodge
Singapore 099200
+65 6274 6065


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