Service and Support

We have been providing Demand Solutions Supply Chain tools to companies here in South and other parts of Africa and the Middle East Africa since 1995.

Over the years we have developed a dedicated team of SC business consultants supported by an able and innovative team of technical people. Our staff is highly rated in the industry and today, people who have come through our internal training program, head up Demand and Supply planning teams in some very large organisations.

Our customers include international brand names in industries ranging from beverages to personal care and energy products.

We don't sell software and leave you to try and make it work. We offer a full range of services from initial discovery through training and technical and business implementation.

Many organisations need time to develop the special skills to operate at the high levels of efficiency required to reap all the benefits of a mature supply chain planning process. Our objective is to transfer as much of our knowledge to you as quickly as you can absorb it. During this process we provide a high class support service to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Ihr Vertreter vor Ort

Ihr Vertreter vor Ort Carl Christensen

6 Lourensford Road 
Suite # 2 
Somerset West 
South Africa 

PO Box 5543 
South Africa
+27 21.851.4892
+27 21.851.4895


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